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Progressive arrow Emerson Lake & Palmer ( CD_K2HD Mastering_Japan )

Emerson Lake & Palmer ( CD_K2HD Mastering_Japan )

Emerson Lake & Palmer ( CD_K2HD Mastering_Japan )

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* Japanese-only limited edition Mini LP HQCD.
* Housed in mini-lp cardboard sleeve, replica of original vinyl LP jacket.
* Digitally remastered with superior sound quality.
* Complete obi-strip & Japanese introductory/lyrics sheets included.
* HQCD (High Quality CD), fully compatible with standard CD players, enables greater transparency, higher perceived sound pressure levels, a better frequency balance, higher resolution and wider and deeper soundstage.
* HQCD achieves higher quality audio through the use of a polycarbonate plastic with improved transparency derived from LCD display manufacturing technologies.
Release Date 2012/5/23
Notes Limited Edition

Cardboard sleeve (mini LP) - Re-issue - Manufactured and distributed by Victor Entertainment , Inc., Japan ( P ) 1970 , 1977   Leadclass Ltd.  ( C ) 1970 Leadclass Ltd. STEREO JASRAC .  Copertina cartonata in veste "Mini LP" , la ristampa è stata effettuata con il formato ad alta fedeltà K2 HQ Mastering - HQ_Hi Quality CD , ( compatibile con i lettori CD standard ), la versione contiene Due  Bonus Tracks , è presente  la classica fascetta OBI : codice VICP-75057 . Barcode nr. : 4988002617814 . Prodotto made in Japan ( JPN ) .

Emerson Lake & Palmer, uscito nel 1970, è il primo album dell'omonimo gruppo di rock progressivo Britannico. Grazie alla fama conquistata con i loro gruppi di provenienza, Emerson, Lake e Palmer suscitano subito un grande interesse attorno a questo loro primo lavoro.
L'album permette al trio di mettere in evidenza le loro abilità tecniche . Si tratta di uno dei primi tentativi di connubio tra Rock e Musica Classica .

Victor Entertainment : ristampa con copertina di cartone (mini LP)  con il formato ad alta fedeltà HQCD ( compatibile con i lettori CD standard ). La copertina di cartone replica fedelmente l'LP originale uscito nel Regno Unito , copertina apribile a libro . Questa ristampa appartiene alla serie  Emerson, Lake & Palmer HQCD con copertine cartonate in versione "mini LP" replicante fedelmente le originali uscite . La serie di queste 12 ristampe  comprende gli album ; "Emerson, Lake & Palmer," "Tarkus," "Pictures At An Exhibition," "Trilogy," "Brain Salad Surgery," "Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends - Ladies And Gentlemen," "Works Volume 1," "Works Volume 2," "Love Beach," "Works Live," "Black Moon," e "In The Hot Seat" .

Formato ad alta fedeltà K2 HQ Mastering - HQ_Hi Quality CD - Introdotta nel 2008, la tecnica di mastering denominata K2 High Definition ( K2HD ) consiste nella accurata realizzazione di un master ad alta risoluzione, un file digitale a 24 bit e 100 kHz, che viene poi ristretto a 16 bit/44 kHz ( lo standard Red Book ) . Utilizzando un'esclusiva tecnica della Memory Tech denominata HQCD technology i dischi vengono stampati attraverso un procedimento a bassissima tolleranza e alta precisione. Il processo HQCD fa uso di un disco con uno strato in policarbonato di alta qualità, lo stesso utilizzato sui display e sui monitor LCD, e poi si termina il processo con un film riflettente con eccellente resistenza al calore e una migliorata durata nel tempo. Mentre i CD usuali utilizzano una semplice lega d'alluminio, gli HQCD ricorrono a una lega d'argento, che possiede un coefficiente di riflessione di molte volte superiore a quello usuale dei CD tradizionali.  

Cardboard sleeve (mini LP) reissue from Emerson, Lake & Palmer featuring the high-fidelity HQCD format (compatible with standard CD players). The cardboard sleeve faithfully replicates the UK original LP (E-type jacket). Part of a 12-album Emerson, Lake & Palmer HQCD cardboard sleeve reissue series featuring albums "Emerson, Lake & Palmer," "Tarkus," "Pictures At An Exhibition," "Trilogy," "Brain Salad Surgery," "Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends - Ladies And Gentlemen," "Works Volume 1," "Works Volume 2," "Love Beach," "Works Live," "Black Moon," and "In The Hot Seat."

(All product details, including availability, images, language(s), special features, and bonus extras, are subject to change without prior notice. Actual item weight may be different from the one indicated above.)

Emerson, Lake & Palmer, band formatosi nel 1970, hanno costituito uno dei primi e più celebri supergruppi di rock progressivo. La band è composta da Keith Emerson (tastiere ) , Greg Lake ( basso, voce , chitarra) e Carl Palmer ( batteria, percussioni) . Negli anni 1970 il nome del gruppo compariva sulle copertine dei loro album come Emerson Lake & Palmer, senza virgola, o semplicemente come ELP. Dopo la reunion, negli anni 1990 hanno adottato la grafia Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
Il suono degli ELP è dominato dall'organo Hammond e dal sintetizzatore Moog del fiammeggiante Emerson . Le varie composizioni della band sono fortemente influenzate dalla musica classica , oltre che dal jazz e - almeno nei loro primi anni - dall'hard rock . Molti dei loro pezzi sono arrangiamenti tratti , o contengono citazioni , dalla musica classica , e si può dire per adattarsi al sotto-genere del rock sinfonico .


“K2HD MASTERING + HQ” realizes to pack the original attractive sound quality brought out by K2HD Mastering into HQ(High Quality)CD with sound information in a very wide frequency and high resolution. HQ(High Quality)CD is the advanced audio CD developed by Memory-Tech Corporation. HQCD has high quality polycarbonate which is used for LC TVs and plastic lenses. With this new material, high-precise pit transcription can be achieved. Its high transparency and low birefringence also contribute to advanced audio quality. In addition, silver alloy is utilized as a reflective layer material of HQCD. This material was originally developed for HD DVD by Memory-Tech Corporation and they took advantage of such know-how and technology for HQCD. The reflectivity of silver alloy is considered much better than the conventional aluminum. The reflective layer of silver alloy has superior durability, heat and light resistance and is very suitable for car audio system as well. These features brought from superior materials realize high sound
quality close to the original master sources.

Replica CDs are official audiophile releases manufactured in Japan with incredible attention to detail. CDs made in Japan are revered by collectors and specialists for their very clean sound, production quality, and they are superior in nearly every way to pressings from other countries. The Japanese packaging of classic albums in cardboard sleeve miniature is a wonder to behold. Mini-LP CD albums are like precious stones or perfectly cut diamonds. The superb mastering (often 20 Bit, 24 Bit, K2, DSD, or HDCD) and resultant sound quality is superior to that of MFSL releases. Replicas are often
the nearly exact duplications of the first pressings of the 12" LPs and everything that was present in the original LP may be included such as gatefolds, booklets, lyric sheets, posters, printed CD sleeves, stickers, embosses, special paper or inks, and die cuts. In nearly all replica releases a detail sheet is included, and although the text may be in Japanese, the insert will often include the lyrics in English, which is a big plus if the original LP did not include them. Japan promotional strips, also called 'Obi', are usually included with the package as a way of advertising the CD to the Japanese buying public. On occasion a replica CD will have bonus tracks included that were
part of a later CD release. However, the notes about the bonus tracks are never added to the album artwork, only the promotional strip or the detail sheet. Thus the integrity of the original LP artwork is maintained.

Per approfondimenti sull'artista , visita :,_Lake_&_Palmer

Tracce presenti / Track listing :    

01. "The Barbarian" (Béla Bartók, arr. Emerson, Lake & Palmer)     4:27
02. "Take a Pebble" (Greg Lake; arr. Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but not always credited)     12:32
03. "Knife-Edge" (Leoš Janáček & J. S. Bach, arr. Keith Emerson, lyrics by Lake & Richard Fraser)     5:04
04. "The Three Fates 7:46

    Clotho – 1:48
    Lachesis – 2:43
    Atropos – 3:15" (Emerson)

05. "Tank" (Emerson and Palmer) 6:49
06. "Lucky Man" (Lake)     4:36

Bonus Tracks

07. "The Barbarian
08. "Take a Pebble


    Keith Emerson: piano, clavinet, Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer
    Greg Lake: bass, guitars, vocals
    Carl Palmer: drums, percussion

NOTA BENE : Le informazioni riguardanti l'artista , sono frutto di una ricerca attraverso " internet " , se inavvertitamente sono state utilizzate fonti coperte da Copyright e/o Diritti Riservati , si prega di contattare tramite e-mail : .
Provvederemo all'immediata rimozione o se possibile alla richiesta di  consenso .


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